Art and Sculptures

During our visit at the Zimmerli Art Museum we got to see many different pieces of art that each told their own story. Its crazy to see how a picture or a piece of art can say so much just by its appearance. They mean it when they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the upper left hand corner the is a picture of me in the infinite mirror. This mirror was amazing because it felt like you could walk into a whole different dimension with just one step. In the upper right corner there is a selfie of me and a piece of art that really caught my eye. The reason i became so interested in this was because it expresses so many different emotions and there is just so much going on. Lastly, in the bottom of the picture there is a sculpture called “Bus Shelter” this was a sculpture from 1996 of civilians walking around on a casual day. Society today has not changed from the time this sculptor was made. All these pieces of art reflect society in their own way and shows that not much has changed. #RUSelfieProject


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