Zimmerli Art Museum

After exploring through the history that the Zimmerli Art Museum had to offer, it is apparent that art from the past does have a major influence in the media of the present. The way we perceive ourselves and how we want ourselves to be perceived relies heavily on what is considered aesthetically pleasing. The art that we were exposed to in the museum was mostly of Soviet Nonconformist Art, which displays that even in times of forced compliance to authority, individuals still rose up against the communist rule of the Soviet Union. Detesting the Soviet government was seen as an offensive crime, and doing so would result in severe punishment. The caption on the bottom of the photo on the bottom right translates to “Cast Me Away of Your Presence” which is significant because these men wanted to be remembered for standing up against the power of the Soviet Union and therefore were seen as criminals; this museum preserves the memory of them and what they stood for. This kind of propaganda can therefore be considered a glimpse of hope for those that suffered under communist rule. And like this propaganda, social media can definitely influence the ways others think and react. #RUSelfieProject


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