A digital classroom

img_1387This picture was taken after my Intro to Media classes, in front of a massive projector screen that faces the entire room. This isn’t the only classroom at Rutgers that features such technology; look around in the new Academic Building and you’ll find several rooms with a similar setup. Even further, most classrooms on campus are set up with Digital Classroom services, which make it easy to share and project media to classes with anywhere from 15 people to 300+ students at one lecture. This is truly an example of the digital side of Rutgers, which reaches beyond smartphones and social media. Without the advantages of digital classrooms, Sakai, the MyRutgers site and onward, access and communication both within and outside of Rutgers would be much more limited. I think we don’t realize just how reliant we are on this aspect of our college experience, and our lives in general. While we complain about Webreg and the arguably spotty RUWireless wifi, it’s technology like this that allows us access to Rutgers and the vast online world that accompanies it.



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