Computer Takeover…


I spend close to five hours each day in this exact position. I will confess, my computer has taken over my life. In the Rutgers dorms, I see many people on their computers doing their homework or on social media, whether it is at the study lounge on our floor, sitting in their desks in their room, or like me, in my bed. I resort to this location because I like to be comfortable and do my work throughout the day, mixing it up with some Twitter action, Photo Booth selfies, and even some Netflix (OOPS).  Although this digitalized culture we have adapted to seems like all fun and games, I can also confess that it has not fully impacted my college life, but has threw me under the bus sometimes. I will be sitting in my bed from 4 PM on a Wednesday night, until 4 AM Thursday morning, trying to get a 5 page paper finished. If I was not so addicted to this computer of mine (social media especially), I would be more productive. I call this story the computer takeover…



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