Do I Blend In?


At the Zimmerli Art Museum I came across this very unique artwork. They are “Three Untitled Paintings” dated from 1976, painted by Oleg Tselkov. These two stuck out to me the most because of the originality of all three (although you can only see two). The faces are so slightly different from each other, but look so different from a quick glance. The faces are not normal, they are constructed to look abnormal and deformed. #RUSelfieProject


This painting was also created by Oleg Tselkov. It is called “Golgatha” painted only one year after the oneĀ above. This one also stuckĀ out to me because it so unique and a bit confusing, because we do not know what the artists means, especially since it is human faces next to feet with nails in them. It is a beautiful piece of art, with a picture that can not be explained by many with just a look. #RUSelfieProject


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