A Breath of Fresh Air


Along George St., there is Joyce Kilmer Park, a small but beautiful area where many students and locals take a breath of fresh air. Although we all just met, we are able to document a moment that we will remember forever. In today’s digital culture, we are so used to such a fast pace lifestyle that we forget to pause, look around us, and remember and appreciate our surrounding and whom we’re with. Selfies are a perfect way of doing just that. #RUSelfieProject #Team3


A selfie is worth a thousand words

Today at the Zimmerli Museum, I took a selfie with a painting from the Nonconformist Art Gallery. During the time this painting was made, the USSR restricted the freedom of expression, so artists would create subliminal messages in their artwork in ways to express themselves and to defy the communist government. The speech bubble is empty, which makes one question the intent the artist had when including it: was it a way to say the artist felt speechless or was the artist commenting on how he feels restricted from saying anything under the communist regime? Selfies, much like art, provoke thought. A viewer stops, looks, and thinks about the meaning of what is before their eyes. Selfies have revolutionized the digital culture, with apps like Snapchat dedicated to sending and sharing pictures of ourselves and a first person point of view of how we live our lives. They push the boundaries of expression and thought into something that has the capabilities of sparking change in a society. 

George Street Camera and Around Rutgers

Since the invention of cameras, people are able to document moments of their life that they are able to cherish forever. In the first image, I took a selfie with one of the first ever selfie cameras at George Street Camera which had a mirror in the front so the user was able to see how he or she looked. It goes to show that selfie are not a twenty-first century invention but a historical development that transcended its time. In my second image, I took a selfie with the Rutgers Business School. Business, along with selfies, have connected the world around us  and made it easier for us to communicate with people hundreds of miles away. It makes the world seem much smaller than it actually is.

Selfies create community


Here is Sarah and me in the last day of class. Selfies expand our digital community, reaching places and meeting people we would not be able to have in the real world. Selfies are a unique form of communication in the twenty-first century world and are able to make communication more creative and personable.

-Austin Manalese

Computers: a necessity in modern day learning


Here I am in a computer lab for my computer science class. Without the computers that I am surrounded by, this class would not even exist. At Rutgers University, technology is embedded throughout any course you take. Whether checking Sakai to see if the professor posted a study guide for an upcoming exam, looking at the Rutgers Facebook page to see if anyone has found the ID you lost, or simply completing an assignment in one of the computer labs, being a part of the digital culture is a necessity at Rutgers. RU has revolutionized learning, creating an environment fit for modern day. The Rutgers digital culture is one of collaboration and cooperation and I am glad to be a part of it. #RUSelfieProject

-Austin Manalese



Tacos, empanadas, and quesadillas, oh my! Dinner with group four on Easton Ave We just came back from #Tacoria–it was awesome! Looking for somewhere to grab dessert before I head back to my room. Any ideas? #RUSelfieProject #Team4 #Food-3