Do I Fit In Yet?

So, during our class visit to the Zimmerli, this one particular piece titled Celebrities of the Juste Milieu, caught my eyes. My favorite part about it are the facial expressions. In today’s digital culture the selfies we post, and the emotions that we express in them tell the world a lot about us, or rather what we want the world to know about us. This piece was interesting because the artist depicted these “celebrities” in the image that he wanted the world to see. Portraits can tell a lot about a person.


Our Last Supper

In only 5 weeks, it interesting how many ideas we could talk about pertaining to selfies. For me, the most important take away is how much I don’t realize how much I am lending and contributing to the current culture by part taking in selfies. This class is so vital to pay attention to. The title of the course is Selfies and Digital Culture. How can’t our digital culture be so important to a generation that submerges itself in technology. After taking this class, I always think twice about why I am taking a selfie & what it says about me.

-Ema Azuonwu

Homework time & dine

image-1 In my opinion this photo embodies how technology and digital culture enhances my RU experience. During the course of my college experience, I’ve realized that my laptop in my most prized possession. Not only because it allows me to write my papers and submit my homework, but because of its other qualities. It is light weight and portable (it follows me to the dining hall everyday), it is convenient, I can text off of it, and it is connected to my phone so I can  FaceTime and make calls on it. In my opinion, at  big school like Rutgers, it also aids in keeping me caught up, and in tune with the culture surrounding the school. I can reach my friends, professors, and advisors on an entirely different campus. It has shaped my life and the culture surrounding me and my generation.

Behind Closed Doors

img_1084As I was walking around the Zimmerli, this piece caught my eye. It was a door on a wall. It peaked my curiosity and that says a lot about our culture. Pictures are not words and can be left to the audience to interpret its meaning. The same thing can be said about selfies. It makes people curious to who the person behind the camera really is.


img_1036 With Lilian and Zhaoxuan’s meaningless sprint to the bus, we just figured that a simple Uber ride would suffice. Zhoaxuan pulled out her phone and ordered a XL to fit all 5 of us. With Rutgers’ 4 large campuses and an extensive amount of buildings and people, getting around isn’t always the easiest task, especially when you’re late for class. However, on a brighter note, there are wide varieties of ways to get to your destination. With 1 minutes to spare, their Uber drive, Joe, got them to class on time and by 4:10 they were ready to take some notes! #GORU #Transportation #Team1 #Part5 #RUSelfieProject

RU in need of a ride?

IMG_1030.JPG …(continued) They figured, our legs weren’t doing us justice, and our bikes were gone. So Trevor and Mike decided to see if our peers in our generous Rutgers community would mine giving us a ride. Instead, they were greeted with horns and students shouting “Get out of the way!” This wasn’t getting them anywhere. It was unfortunate because they had only 19 minutes left  to get to class. #Transportation #Team1 #Part3 #RUSelfieProject

RU late for class?

Once upon a time there were five lost and confused Rutgers students trying to find their way to class. The only problem was according to Google Maps, Douglass was a 35 minute walk. Class starts at 4:10 and the time was currently 3:45. You could only imagine how worried they were. No time to walk, onto our next means of #Transportation. #Part1 #Team1 #RUSelfieProject