Final Day of Class


It’s the final day ¬†of the Selfies and Digital Culture Byrne Seminar! Something that I learned from this class is how selfies affect our culture more than I realized. This being my first college class, I’m coming from a place where, for the last four years, I was not allowed to use my phone in the classroom. The fact that we had an entire class revolving around selfies shows how culture and the classroom is changing rapidly. The selfie is an expression of our digital culture and we should take them and embrace them!


Gotta Snap a Pic of This Coffee

img_3611So we went out for Dunkin Donuts beverages and of course had to snap a pic of it to let the world know how delicious it is. Why do we feel the need to share pictures of the food we are eating and drinking? It certainly doesn’t make it taste any better. Perhaps we aren’t even appreciating the taste as much because we are too busy taking pictures of it. Or it could be that we appreciate it more because we saved the moment and remember how good it was.

#RUSelfieProject #Team5

Shaping vs Reflecting

At the Zimmerli art museum we saw a lot of interesting art, a lot of which reflected society during certain time periods. In a lot of ways the art was reflective of each society, such as the Soviet Union section of museum which displayed many of the harsh realities people of the USSR were facing. But in terms of the selfie, we are adding our own addition to a piece of artwork. It’s not longer a picture of art but it has been changed to express unique subject matter and has been dated to serve our time period instead. So in a ways art can shape a society as well.

The Original Front Camera

img_3609In the mirror on the front of this old camera, you can see me taking a selfie. That’s because this camera was the first ever designed for you to take a picture of yourself. A small mirror was installed on the front of it so that the person could see what they looked like as they snapped a pictures of themselves.