Photographing the Self

Ours is a digital culture in which visuals of our selves are routinely snapped, shared, and spread. Why has the selfie become a primary means of communicating information in the digital age, and what exactly is being communicated? How are our identities, communities, and digital culture shaped and affected? In this Byrne Seminar, under the direction of Professor Mary Chayko, twenty first-year Rutgers University students will explore these issues and share our findings, our ideas, and our selfies.


Livingston Burger

img_3914Enjoying a juicy burger at the student acclaimed best dining hall Рthe Livingston Dining Hall. As one can tell from my smile, I agree with the Rutgers students who love Livingston.

Dr. Chayko at Yurcak Field

Spent Friday Aug. 26 at the soccer stadium to see Rutgers women’s soccer team play Georgetown. They lost in overtime but it was a great effort. I’m a big sports fan and a three-time RU alum and now faculty, so I really love going to athletic events and seeing the spirit and heart of the RU athletic teams in person.Selfie at Yurcak